All at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, every year on recent advances in ophthalmology, including all sub-specialties of the ophthalmology.

2) International Symposium on 'Eye Trauma' in Kuwait (1985).
3) 'Orbital Diseases and Management' in Dammam Saudi Arabia (1987).

American Academy of Ophthalmology Dallas (November 1987), Sanfrancisco, and Sandeago.

5) 'Ophthalmology 87, 88, 89, International Meeting on Recent Advances by Saudi Ophthalmological Society - Riyadh.
6) Eurocongress' 98, Amsterdam,Holland from 21st to 26th June 1998.
7) International Glaucoma Seminar in Hongkong, 1999.
8) International Conference on update of Glaucoma, Spain 2001.
9) All annual conferences of the Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery in U.S.A
10) Annual Royal College of Ophthalmologists London Conference in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
11) All the Annual Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan conference in Pakistan since 1987.
12) All National and Regional Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan Conferences since 1990.


International ophthalmic conference, Ophthalmologic society of Bangladesh 25-27th Feb, 2004 Dhaka


27th International OSP conference, Queta from 21st May to 23rd May 2004


XIII Afro- Asian Congress of Ophthalmology from 18th - 22nd June 2004 Istanbul Turkey.


20th Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmologist from 30th March – 3rd April 2005 Kulalampur – Malaysia.


XXII Congress of the ESCRS LISBON Portugal 10-14 September, 2005.
18) VII International Symposium on Ocular Trauma, organized by international society of ocular trauma. ROME – Italy 28th June to 1st July 2006.
19) XXIV Congress of European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, London, UK from 9th to 12th Sept 2006.
20) American Academy of Ophthalmology and Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Joint Conference at Las Vagas from 11 to 14th Nov 2006.
21) World Glaucoma Congress, Singapore, July 18 -21, 2007.
22) World Ophthalmological Congress, Hong Kong, from 29th June 08 to 2nd July 08.
23) American Academy of Ophthalmology Joint Meeting with PAAO, San Francisco, CA, USA, 24th to 27th October 2009.
24) Eye Conference, Lahore from 24th to 25th December 2010.
25) Annual Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan Conference held in Karachi from 10th - 13th February 2011.
26) Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Sydney, Australia from 20th to 24th March 2011.
27) 2nd Euretina Congress, London 26-29th May 2011.
28) ESCRS VIENNA 2011- 16 to 21st September 2011.

Being President of Ophthalmology Society of Pakistan, I was leading the delegation from Pakistan, senior Ophthalmologist from Pakistan attended the Afro Asian and Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmologist Congress and about 12 scientific papers were presented at Afro Asian and more than 20 scientific papers and one instruction course on glaucoma was conducted at Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology.



1) Simple device of I.O.L insertion by modified Baily lens Shooter, King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh / Almugraby, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
2) Pre & Post Surgical Management of squint, Paediatric Surgery, Internation Symposium, Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Bilateral optic atrophy following cervical Astrocytoma G-II and Frontal Lobe tuberculoma. Neuroscience meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


IOL's and its complications International Saudi Ophthalmic Society Conference Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

5) Ocular trauma and its after affects- international ophthalmic conference Kuwait.

6) IOL in Bag Vs Sulcus international ophthalmic conference ophthalmologic society of Pakistan at Karachi.
7) Paediatric IOL's, international ophthalmic conference Karachi, Pakistan 1987.

Radial Keratotomy and its implications, international ophthalmic conference Karachi, Pakistan 1990.

9) Unusual presentation of Retinoblastoma, international ophthalmic conference Hyderabad, Pakistan 1993.
10) Early stages to Phaco emulsification, international ophthalmic conference. Lahore Pakistan, 1994.
11) Phaco Vs good ECCE- international ophthalmic conference Lahore , Pakistan 1995
12) Sympathetic Ophthalmitis, international ophthalmic conference Hyderabad, Pakistan 1998.
13) Evaluation of IOLs, IST Khyber eye symposium, Abottabad, Pakistan, 27-29th June 2003.
14) A case report- Cushing syndrome with topical ophthalmic steroids presented at international ophthalmic conference Karachi, Pakistan Feb 2004
15) Phaco to phaconit, international Ophthalmic conference Queeta, Pakistan, 21st to 23rd may 2004
16) ND-YAG laser capsulotomy: study of 507 cases at Liaquat university of medical & health sciences Jamshoro, sindh , Pakistan presented at international ophthalmic conference Quetta, Pakistan 21st to 23rd May 2004
17) Glaucoma in developing countries - 20th Congress Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmologist Kulalampur – Malaysia.
18) MICS : experience at LUMHS – 10th Islamabad congress at Bhurbhan 6th – 8th May 2005.


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